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Our lightning-fast service is making us a rapidly rising star in our industry – fusing experience with fresh perspective. Get in touch with our team for a free consultation. Magical possibilities await!

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“4ear was able to design a beautiful boutique apartment complex that carried its own unique design without being over the top or sticking out too much.”
Rudeš Housing
“The team at 4ear understands how to make efficient use of our space, optimizing for sunlight and function while keeping the design modern.”  
Rudeš Housing

Where Experience Meets Modernity

At 4ear, we believe the key to creating timeless designs is to fuse industry experience with fresh eyes. Our team’s expertise combined with creative and innovative spirit equips us to transform a place into an experience.


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Our Services

Our team’s expertise combined with creative and innovative spirit equips us to transform a place into an experience.

Interior Design

Let our team of expert designers and engineers deliver you a dream-like interior design, crafted with carefully orchestrated video animations and detailed executional plans. We’ll plot out everything from the perfect carpentry scheme to floor/wall covering ideas, light placements for an ambiance that’s truly magical – then we’ll provide a list of all furniture & equipment needed, as well as where it can be purchased!

Exterior Design

Transform the exterior of your dream home or building into a reality with stunning visualisations and animations. Our combination of facade materials, paving’s, plants & lights can make any house shine like never before – leaving an impression that will last! Plus, you get detailed execution plans so your contractors know exactly what to do!


Creative Consultation

Get in touch with us today to discuss your next project. Our team of experts can assist at any phase of the creation process.


Meet the Dream Team

Our team is a vibrant combination of fresh energy and seasoned knowledge. We blend technical insight with creative exuberance, while striking the perfect balance between business savvy and relaxed dialogue.

Our team includes:

30+ employees

5 teams - engineers, designers and operations

Meet the Dream Team

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